Waves CPC

An Epic Pixel Typeface Family

Waves CPC is a pixel typeface family that is currently in progress. There are three members of the family so far and with more along the way. It started with wanting to create a simplified blackletter typeface and then a giant wave of ideas hit me when I thought of incorporating my pixel art experience. Waves CPC's name comes from the heart of 8bit music (chiptune), waveforms, and the giant waves that make up our Earth's oceans. There is also a small web app, based off my Matchstick app, that I made to randomize an acronym for C.H.I.P: W.T.C.H.I.P?

Blackletter Glyphs
Blackletter Layers
Blackletter Specimen
Tiny Glyphs
Tiny Specimen
Tiny Slab Glyphs
Tiny Slab Specimen
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